Tate Remade Furniture Finds a Home

Last week I finally nailed down a date to go to my sweet client’s home to photograph the five pieces of my work in her living area. Three of these classic beauties were custom jobs, and the other two pieces made their way from my studio to this space.

On my drive over to the home, I was meditating on how honored I feel that my hands could create something to adorn the living space of this precious family. I realized the chairs I upholstered would be a place for them to sit and visit with friends and family -creating a space for conversations and rest. The cedar chest would be the perfect place for weary feet at the end of a long day or to place a cup of coffee to begin a new one. I’m passionate about the atmosphere in a home being peaceful, and the fact that my work gets to help create that makes me happy. Here’s a little glimpse into this special place. 

If you’ve followed me for a while you may remember my post on these Classical Upholstered Armchairs. I finished these a year ago this month, so it was fun to get to visit them again!

This cedar chest was salvaged from the side of the road -it was headed to the landfill. Dean and I saved it just in time. I took it back to my studio, gave it a good scrubbing, a little paint and glaze, and I refinished the top. I love having a chest function as a coffee table because it’s the perfect spot to tuck away blankets, books, games, or even your kids toys!

The woodgrain on the cedar is stunning in General Finishes Brown Mahogany Gel Stain.

This home’s community is surrounded by water. The nautical scenes outside this large picture window tie in perfectly with the waves of blue in this fabric.


From this vantage point you will find one of my favorite pieces to date, the Bench Restorationfrom last year. This piece had a STUNNING before and after transformation. It was fun to see it as stately and beautiful as ever in this classic space.

Though the lighting in this space proved a challenge for my amateur-photographer self, all of the natural sun beams dance around this room, filling it with beautiful light, making all of the art and furniture shine!

Again, one of my all time favorite pieces is this bench!

The kindness and genuine positivity I’ve encountered working with the kind souls who live in this space has been a gift to me during my time as an entrepreneur in Annapolis. My clients have believed in and supported my business; which is a gift that goes far beyond support -a gift which has taught me I do have something to offer to the creative world.

The newest addition to this space is that adorable antique white chair in the corner of the room.

I held on to the last bit of scrap fabric from the larger upholstery job. I knew that eventually I would stumble across a chair that would need a simple cover and I would have just enough. Turns out, this chair was destined to be paired in this beautiful space.

I’ll have to do a quick little before and after post on the sweet white chair for another day.

That’s all for this story; or a least for now! Lately I’ve been exploring the idea of expanding my business in the future to incorporate more design work. I’m excited to be stoking those dreams as I continue to push forward in building my business. Thank you for following along, I hope this post inspired you to use what you have, or what you find, to create a more beautiful and peaceful home for yourself, your family, and your friends!