Having a Good Ole Maritime!

My blog title may be cheesy, but this post will knock your classy socks off.

I believe I finished this piece just after Thanksgiving. I’m grateful to have made friends with a designer and she had a vision for a rich, navy blue dresser to sit in her client’s grand entryway. They had scored this beautiful dresser somewhere on the interweb.


I was so eager to finish the piece that these are the only before pictures I have! If you’ve read my blogs for a while you know that this is not the first time I’ve done this. Alas, I just can’t help it. I can tell you that it did have some veneer damage on the sides and top, but overall, the piece was in great shape.

The design inspiration?

My emerald green dresser… except not emerald green (by the way, this emerald green dresser rocks and no one is taking a chance on it! Where are my spunky, colorful home owners at?!)

Anyway. My client said she LOVED the emerald green piece but was set on navy. Annapolis and Maryland in general has created in me a love for navy as well. Not only is Annapolis where the historic Naval Academy has existed since 1845, whose colors boast a rich Navy Blue, but this colonial city is also the said sailing capital of the USA… so it’s basically like a nautical dream land over here.

Needless to say. We went to my favorite navy paint: General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint for the frame and Java Gel Stain for the top and drawer faces. Check out that gorgeous original painting by local artist, Amy Littlepage.


Quick tip: when you’re looking for a piece of beautiful old furniture and have a hard time creating a new vision because it feels so far gone, try to look past the scars and to the curves of the piece. Stop looking at the stains, or broken edges, or cracked veneer… those things can be fixed. Look at the “bones” and the shape… that’s where the potential is!

This piece had beautiful “bones” and the perfect amount of soft curves. The hardware chosen was GORGEOUSNESS, just check out these casters.

I find great satisfaction when the brass antique key holes clean up…. it’s the little things, okay?

The brass pulls are from the same source as the casters. Highly recommend if you’re looking for quality hardware.

And finally, this photo was sent to me after this beauty finally made it home! I LOVE when my clients send me photos of their new treasures in their homes. I also love when people take the time to find meaningful pieces to fill their spaces. In a world of quick results and impulsiveness, it’s nice to take a step back, slow down, restore and create.

Thanks for reading, friends. Have a wonderful weekend!