Glazed Gray Dresser

Lately I’ve noticed how many of my pieces have refinished wood on them. Like… 95% of them. So, I dug through some folders and found this painted piece to share with you. I’ll link to the products I used and give you any tips I can think of if you’re interested in creating a similar look. Sadly, there are no before photos of this piece, but just picture a traditional red-ish brown stained wood dresser and you can envision it before!

This two-toned design was achieved by using General Finishes Queenstown Gray milk paint, GF High Performance Top Coat, a their Pitch Black Glaze.

I know so many paints promise you don’t have to prep before you use them… but I’ve found this not to be the case if you want something to be durable and last. I lightly sand, clean, and prime all of my painted pieces… so I would naturally encourage you to do the same!

Once the piece is painted and sealed with one layer of the clear top coat, I apply the glaze with a craft foam brush and then I use these blue shop towels to wipe off the glaze. Practice makes perfect, as it’s easy to get too much or too little, so keep trying until you get it right. If you are working with the glaze and don’t like the way it looks, simply apply more and try again. Don’t attempt to apply all the glaze at once, but work in sections so it doesn’t dry!


My last tip is to step away and let things dry, if you’re anything like me you will want to keep wiping and adjusting the glaze. If you glazed the piece a little too heavy, you can lightly buff the glaze with these pads, and knock some of it down.

Finally, I seal with two more clear coats to protect that beautiful finish!

I hope these nuggets of knowledge are helpful to anyone interested in painting their own furniture!