Eastport Navy Blues Buffet

More or less, the story of this piece goes something like this:

I’m covered in dust and debris, high messy bun, ventilation mask, goggles tight enough to leave an imprint on my forehead for days. Then my phone rings. I turn off my sander, take my suction-cup safety goggles off, and answer a call from my sweet client-turned friend.


This said friend has a dog-walking business in the Annapolis area, and has been my gem-finding-curbside-furniture-picking eyes on multiple occasions. She told me that if I could drop what I was doing, she had stubbled across a beautiful buffet on the road in Eastport while she was walking her furry companion, which she couldn’t pass by without letting me know it was there.

So I dropped my gear, grabbed my old trusty Volvo, and headed to Eastport to retrieve this treasure.

What I didn’t know, is that it was just over 6 feet long, weighed twice as much as me, and would barely fit in my car (the hatchback had to be bunjee corded down to close). After asking a random neighbor to help us heave it into the car, I managed to get it across town without killing myself. I did, however lose my pride while doing it. I pulled into my studio parking lot with all my car windows and sunroof rolled down to create enough space for the large drawers to fit (the doors wouldn’t shut otherwise). I looked like a freak show, but I got the prize!

Then the real work began. I sanded down the top of the piece, took off the broken doors, repaired the drawers and frame, cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned. It’s funny how “painting” is actually just a fraction of the work it takes to make something new again!


I debated between a nice gray color and this rich navy blue. Considering the population around me, I went with the classic navy blue and brass combo that is well loved in Maryland.

The door above was locked, jammed and damaged. Since I didn’t want to spend the time salvaging it, I decided the two corner cabinets would be a perfect host for my favorite beverage: WINE. Cheers to that idea!

This is my go-to navy paint, Coastal Blue by General Finishes, and the gray in the drawers and wine storage cabinets is Seagull Gray by the same company. They make incredible paints!

Broken drawers and doors were fixed and all the hardware was changed.

The storage on this piece in swoon worthy and will be PERFECT for entertaining friends and family.


What’s funny is that this piece sold before I could even finish it! It’s solid wood, and ready for a new life in a new home!

I’m grateful all of the original wood casters are still in good shape!

In the end, I find myself with another piece of furniture saved from a burn pile or landfill. I personally loved the wine storage idea in the corner cabinets, but I would like to hear what you would have come up with if it was yours to design?!

Thanks for following along my crazy adventures,