An Eastport Coffee Table Finds a Home

Hey friends!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me post a couple of sneak peeks of this piece and that is because I’m SO excited to finally show this to you. Especially since I completed this project 6 months ago, and just got to take photos of it last weekend!

Since moving to Annapolis, I’ve fallen in love with the historic homes, life on the water, manicured lawns, and flowers galore. To a Texan, every bit of green feels like a piece of paradise. Within Annapolis, is an adorable little community (with a lot of pride and great people) called Eastport. Without going into a ton of history or facts I may very well have twisted, Eastport is almost like it’s own little town within Maryland’s nautical capitol.  I live very close to this community, and I love eating, running, playing, shopping, grabbing coffee, and just being in Eastport.

So back to the table.

Last May, I was camping somewhere in Virginia with spotty service. I was attempting to unplug and just relax with some old friends for a couple of days. But somehow, my cell came into range and I received multiple texts from friends who live in Eastport that there was a cool looking coffee table on the side of the road. Seeing that I was no where close to being able to save the “trash” furniture kicked to the curb, my incredible friend saved the day, and somehow got the large, heavy piece to the safety of her backyard. She informed me that it was REALLY great, however there was dog poop on the leg, rust on the iron work, and all kinds of creatures living on the splintered wood.


It stayed in her backyard for a while before it made it to my garage. You know you’ve found your tribe when your friends don’t judge your weird habits….


This was in May, so it became a project during the time we decided to move. We ended up making an offer on our first home in June, with a move date in mid-to-late July. This time of life is a blur in my brain.


But look at the difference! I LOVE the rustic iron work. I scrubbed it with a wire brush to knock off the loose paint, I then proceeded to spray it with a heavy-duty rust primer spray to stop the rust. I finished by spraying it black.

From potential risk of tetanus….

To smooth, beautiful woodwork, iron detail, and a custom glass top!

This is where the story takes a bit of a funny turn! As we were renting the current home we were living in, the owners of our rental decided to sell. We constantly had people coming in and out for showings, inspections, repairs… you know the drill. But then, we finely met the buyers of this beautiful home in Annapolis, and guess who saw me working on the table in the garage, and were over-the-moon excited that they found a coffee table for their brand new home?

Now it sits perfectly in this dreamy sun-filled living room (which was ours for over a year!) and is surrounded by beautiful art, a warm fire, and the sweetest couple. It just makes my heart happy! It was also so fun to go back to my old home and take photos of this incredible piece in a place I used to dwell in. The new home owners did an incredible job with their updates and renovations.

I sanded down the wood on the table, filled and repaired major cracks and gouges, and obviously cleaned the crusty dog poop off the leg…

I stained the wood to create a nice rich base color, and then washed it in a General Finishes Driftwood Gray Milk Paint, sealing everything with a General Finishes High Performance Top Coat for protection.

This technique created such a nice rustic look while still looking as stately as the piece feels.


The turned legs had large cracks in them from being left outdoors.

I used wood-filler and sanded the repairs down to a buttery-smooth finish.

The wood was very dry and damaged at every corner.


In December, the new owners of this lovely table invited us over for dinner and lots of yummy wine in their new home. It never gets old seeing a piece I dreamed of, and worked hard to make come to life, being used in a home -perfectly incorporated into the design and style of the space.

This was the last project I did working from home as well, so it’s a little bitter sweet! I definitely miss that two-car garage workshop I had!

A big thank you to my new friends who bought this piece, who saw the potential it had even before I finished it, and for allowing me to come take photos of it in their beautiful space; and secondly, thank you to my friends who told me about it, and rescued it for me when I was far away! It was so great to see the vision I had for this road-side find come to life, and I’m happy I’ve saved one more piece from a landfill!

Thanks for following along, friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!