A Sweet Find at Dixon’s Crumpton Auction

Y’all. Let me tell you that I CANNOT believe I haven’t shared this with you before now. And I have to get it out for your enjoyment before Christmas because I staged this piece (and antique dresser) with Christmas decor and it looks so darn cute! I also wanted to write one more quick post in honor of all the pieces I restored (and places these they took me) this year!

If you haven’t heard of Dixon’s Crumpton Auction in Crumpton, MD than you are missing out! It’s a collector, picker, and antique-hunter paradise.

Image source: Crumpton Auctions Facebook page

Image source: Crumpton Auctions Facebook page

Aside from 4 Wednesdays a year, the Crumpton Auction is every Wednesday rain, snow, or shine. This company has the auction down to an art and I was in heaven as I drifted through warehouses and literal fields of furniture as I scouted the goods and decided on the pieces I would bid on.

Image source: Crumpton Auctions Facebook page

Image source: Crumpton Auctions Facebook page

You can get some INCREDIBLE deals, but also have to be careful if you’re competitive and get in a bidding war over a piece you feel (in the moment) that you can’t live without. It’s so fun to see all the different types of furniture, art, and collectables.

Image source: Crumpton Auctions Facebook page

Image source: Crumpton Auctions Facebook page

The one day I went this summer  was a miserably hot/humid day; but so worth being in the heat for the 3 pieces I acquired!

The piece I’m excited to show you today is an antique oak dresser I currently have for sale in my studio. I fully restored the piece and painted inside the drawers for a fresh feel.

Here are some before pictures from the day I found it at “Crumpton” in August:

I love the fact that each piece at the Crumpton Auction is gone by the end of the day. Their website states that they move 3,000 – 6,000 lots of furniture a week. Talk about saving a lot of furniture! I can’t imagine the brain power it takes to organize all of the consigners, buyers, and staff to make something this large scale run!

I purchased this dresser for $90. I didn’t realize it needed a new drawer since one had a hole in it. I just knew that despite the little bits of damage and amount of work it would take to sand and restore the piece, that these kind of classic, solid wood pieces just aren’t available in stores anymore! My word of advice is to make sure you check out ALL the drawers, wheels, and doors on a piece before you bid on it (I know, you’re probably thinking “duh!”, but I forgot!)

The top and sides had the normal wear and tear a piece takes on after life is lived on it. I was able to restore the entire piece. Check it out!

Let me show you what a lot of love, elbow grease, time, attention, and the right supplies can do to recreate a classic piece of furniture!

Every piece used on this dresser is solid wood. Everything but the bottom of the drawers is a beautiful oak.

I love that the key holes were brass and cleaned up so well!

The broken drawer bottom was rebuilt and each drawer was painted and glazed so its’ new owner would feel confident that though the piece is antique, they wouldn’t be putting their clothes in a used, scary drawer!

I used General Finishes’ Java Gel stain on this piece to bring the rich, beautiful oak back to life. I wanted to restore it to as close as the original as I could. I did have to add new casters as one was broken.

I hope  you enjoyed this transformation. If you’re interested in purchasing the piece just let me know! I’d love to show it to you in my studio.

I want to say thank you to all of my friends, family and clients who have supported me this year. I grew so much as a business owner and person, and I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures and projects will come my way in 2018!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!