A Snow White Kind of Day

Hey friend,

I wish you were here with me, sitting by the fire listing to holiday tunes as I watch the snow dance as it falls outside my window. Let me tell you, today the stars aligned. Because not only is it a Saturday, it’s a rare one in the way that I have no plans (at least that I can remember) and it’s the first snow fall of the season. So I’m doing what I want to do everyday but can’t -staying home. The crockpot is stewing and I’ve had mugs and mugs of cider, coffee, and tea. I’m a happy woman.

This week took Dean to Florida and found myself starting another kitchen cabinet job on the eastern shore of Maryland (a blog post will most definitely follow). Happily reporting that after 5 long days and another head cold I’m still standing!  I somehow managed to get a couple of projects done, Christmas shop, and decorate too. I’m feeling pleased with this restful day and overjoyed about the winter wonderland outside my window. The purest white is blanketing the ground of our new home and it inspired me so much I thought I would share this beautiful white dresser with you I just finished for a lovely client.

My client told me this hand-built piece has been passed down in her family for generations. I believe it was said to be a great grandfather’s who fled Germany when he was morally convicted about having to serve in the Nazi Party during WWII. He left all he had known to start a new life in Canada. Decades later, it found itself in my studio right before my client’s move to Michigan.

I want to note to all my woodgrain lovers (I hear ya) that no one disagreed that this piece was BEAUTIFUL as is. Gorgeous and quality craftsmanship. But the stain color was out dated and the top needed some attention as most of our dressers do. My client wanted this piece to fit into her home so she could enjoy it for years to come.

One of the best parts about my job is taking a cherished family heirloom and transforming it into a piece of art that speaks about the new generation of owners as much as it tells the story of the last.

The pure white of this piece definitely reminds me of this snowy winter day. Fresh and beautiful; making everything around it look its absolute best.

I lightly distressed the curves of the piece to make sure each detail was highlighted and noticed. I took the casters off as I felt the design of the legs looked better on solid ground than little wheels.

Don’t ever underestimate the powers of fresh white paint and beautiful lines on a piece of furniture! The finish was as smooth as butter.

Wherever this post finds you, I hope it’s with the excitement and joy of the season in your heart and loads of hope for a beautiful and bright new year! I have so many projects to share with you and I’m sure a new years resolution or two of mine will to become a better blogger and social media expert. You can follow my journey on Instagram to catch my stories or see my other projects.

Happy Snow Day!