Traditional Hutch Turns Modern

I’m currently lying on my couch after throwing my back out yesterday. Darn you, weak body. Yesterday marked the true end of the busiest summer of my life, and I’m so glad to be resting, even if it is my body that is making me. I just can’t imagine why my body doesn’t like to run 12 miles, hang dry wall, paint, clean, and move furniture in a day… weird. 

Update on the Tate family: Since the beginning of July, Dean and I closed on our first home, moved everything we own one mile (surprisingly taxing and chaotic) and I spent 3 weeks in Texas. We’ve been painting, unpacking, fixing a broken air conditioner, leak in a toilet pipe (ew), and have remodeled our laundry room. Home Depot has become our second home. Seriously. You could blindfold me, spin me 20 times, and let me loose and I could still find the paint aisle.

Between running my business, training for a marathon, traveling, and trying to settle our home, life has been so full and busy. One day, after we finish painting and getting our furniture situation (or lack there of) figured out, I’ll post before and after pictures of our humble abode. For now, I’m working hard and overflowing with gratitude that we found a place in Annapolis that is all our own and have a roof over our heads.

This hutch was the perfect segue to update you on my life, because it was the final piece I painted from home. I’m now working 100% of the time in my studio in the design district in Annapolis and I’m loving it. If you’re in the area or want to visit Maryland, you will have to stop by Local by Design at the Gallery to visit my studio and the other incredible local artisans it hosts!

And now friends, let’s talk furniture: dreamy navy paint, modern lines, and incredible storage kinda furniture.

My sweet friend sent me a text with a Craigslist link to this piece. She had been looking for a hutch to give her dining room more storage but didn’t want a traditional wood stained piece. I agreed that she should snag it before someone else did and I assured her we could make it fit in with her home; she brought it to my house that week!


Neither of us could have predicted how well made this piece was. Everything was extremely solid. Our design plan was to simplify the lines by removing doors and the railing while incorporating navy, white, and gold.


It’s been fun to be in my mid-twenties; watching all my friends go through different stages of life. From finishing grad school, to becoming moms and dads, new jobs across the country and buying first homes… this is a fun season and life seems to be constantly getting more rich as we age. I thought this hutch was kind of a coming-of-age piece, and it made the house feel so “grown up” and classy.


The base was painted in Rust-Oleum’s Linen White, and the back in General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint. The brass hardware added the perfect gold touch we needed to complete this sleek, nautical-inspired look.


This was the first hutch I’ve had the opportunity to paint. Let me tell you, there was a lot of furniture here! I think it could be the equivalent to painting a tiny kitchen with 9 drawers, four cabinets, and plenty of shelving.


My friend’s house is just adorable, this hutch tied right in and fit the space wonderfully.

This is by far my favorite navy blue paint. I love the way it’s so bold and makes contrasting colors pop. If you want to see it on another piece, check it out on the Art Deco Dresser I painted last year!

So. Much. Storage.


I love the lines on the piece. I think removing the railing and cabinet doors on the top of the hutch really helped it look simple, clean, and sleek.

In essence, this piece was the end of a chapter to my small business. The last piece I painted in my garage before I moved my business full-time to my studio. I loved the process, and loved that it meant so much to my friend to add this to the beautiful home she is creating with her husband.

So Tate Remade is living the studio life. I love my space at Local by Design at the Gallery (Gallery, for short) and I feel so grateful to work near such creative thinkers and dreamers there.

Now that life has slowed a bit, I have lots of posts planned; stay tuned!