Classical Upholstered Armchairs

There is simply something classic and stately about a high-back armchair. However; it loses a little of its stately demeanor after the family cat has used it as a scratching post or the print is a couple of decades out of style. Most of us can relate to furniture in our home being well-loved by a pet or so used that the fabric is wearing thin. With no exception, these chairs had encountered such a fate. But it wasn’t the end of their story!

If you liked my post about the classical bench restoration, you may find it interesting to know that these chairs are sitting in that same room in the same gorgeous house surrounded by water somewhere in Maryland. I love when clients become sweet friends. I took this before photo right as they were moving in. The room looks completely different now with a stylish navy couch, leather ottoman, and other blue, gray, and natural wood tones. This dreamy living space is coming together quite nicely. Maybe they will let me come take photos for a follow-up post? I’ll have to ask!

My client found these chairs on Craigslist, and had enough vision to picture them in her new home with a new look. I love the fact that my job revolves around recycling old furniture, by giving it the time and attention it needs; which means I’m helping to leave a lighter consumption impact on our world. So I’m reminding you to check out your local thrift stores and online garage sale sites before you buy new! There is furniture out there waiting to be your creative canvas and to uniquely make your home a home with a story.

I think upholstery is a dying art. Mainly because there are so many options for quickly and cheaply made furniture that our generation doesn’t think it’s worth the time or expense that it takes to rip something to the bones and start fresh. BUT, you can’t get quality, custom fabric for your home when you buy that kind of furniture (and that quick’n’easy stuff never lasts as long anyway).

This high-quality fabric had the softest texture. I know it will make the perfect place to sit and relax with a cup of coffee or glass of wine (I tell time by these two drinks).

I’ve been saving to buy fabric for the two chairs I’m going to upholster in my new living room. After finishing these, and seeing how well they are put together and how luxurious the fabric is, I know I’ll be happy!

I love the subtle change in blues as the pattern fades in and out. I think these blues are easy on the eyes and will pull in the cool tones from the water outside… which is just dreamy.

There they are. Blistered fingers and all, I couldn’t be happier these two pieces are ready for their new home. Almost every project I do requires new creative thinking and problem solving, these chairs were no different. But no matter how often I underestimate the time it will take to recreate a piece, I don’t care once it’s finished! All the time and care I put into each piece I touch is worth it when my clients react to their “new” furniture.

Have you ever had anything reupholstered? How did you feel about it?

Thanks for reading friends and enjoying this transformation with me! Happy Friday!